The search for Bristol’s most inspiring Black and Minority Ethnic People

The Bristol BME Powerlist has been launched with nominations open now until March

The list aims to showcase Bristol’s 50-100 most inspiring and influential Black and Minority Ethnic People. The University of Bristol, Bristol SU and Bristol 24/7 are working in partnership on the project. Nominations are encouraged from anyone and everyone.

In 2017 Bristol SU completed a piece of research around the BME Attainment Gap. The results highlighted a lack of role models in the University community, and a lack of feelings of belonging and inclusion. The Powerlist project aims to tackle some of these issues.

Those named on the list will be asked to engage in conversations with students to increase BME engagement in the local communities. This will help to develop their time in Bristol and to create an improved sense of social responsibility within the city.

Complete a nomination online at All you need to do to nominate someone is give their name and a reason why you think they should be on the list.

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