Through various events throughout the year, Let's Talk Business will provide ACS members with the opportunity to interact with and learn from experts from their industry of choice. A session on networking skills to accompany this will ensure that members get the very most out of all networking opportunities in the future


The aim of all the various let's talk business skills sessions, talks and networking opportunities throughout the year is to ensure that members become better equipped with the skills and knowledge that they need to enter the working world


There are a growing number of opportunities and programmes for African & Caribbean students to get ahead in the race to employment. Many students are unaware of them or do not understand just how useful these opportunities are. Let's Talk Business will alert ACS members of events and opportunities available to them

So, what is it?

In the world today, it is getting increasingly difficult for students to obtain their ideal jobs at the end of their time at university. With the introduction of programmes such as spring weeks and summer programmes, companies are now able to pick out the top performing candidates for roles early on meaning that now from an earlier age, students have started to form ideas of what career they are to pursue. As a society, our job is now to guide them on how to get there. Let's Talk Business is an initiative designed to expose ACS members to some of the top companies in order to motivate them and provide them with the knowledge and interactions needed to succeed in their chosen industries. In addition to this, our timetable of sessions aimed at enhancing the skills of our members will ensure that they perform highly and are stronger candidates when  applying for and participating on internships. We are currently discussing the initiative with both SEO London and Bright Networks in order to make this initiative as effective as possible.



Next Steps...

We will be informing you on any company led events as well as making posts which will vary from "How to:" style helpers to company initiative spotlights over on our "Let's Talk Business" blog. Delve deeper into this initiative by clicking the button to the left