The two-day program starts with a mentorship scheme taking Year 12 students through the life of a university student, inspiring them to pursue an education at top universities like ours.

We aim for this mentorship programme to be one step in creating life long motivation in the minds of the future. This programme aims to follow these individuals through every step. Thus, the firms that take part in careers fair on the next will build a relationship not only with our society, but will become the first choice in terms of career for many BME students in the early stages of their careers.



Day two provides an amazing networking opportunity under the theme "Innovation" for your organisation with year 12 and university students. We aim to attract representatives from Law, Banking, Medicine, Academia, Film, Tech and the Creative Arts sector to ensure consistent level of engagement. There will also be a chance for your organisation to provide a more detailed showcase of yourselves by giving a talk/workshop during the day.


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The UOB ACS recognizes the importance of getting ahead of the curve. Our ongoing initiative ’Let’s Talk Business’ helped over 30 ACS members secure competitive internships, We aim for DESTINATIONS to have an even greater impact and create the next generation of 'Innovators.

We can assure you that:
-Each organisation will be provided with a stand to be decorated by your representative
- All organisations will have equal member engagement from our vast BME students population.
- This is not an event to be missed!

The ACS will be honoured if your organisation will take part in our careers fair. In order do so each organisation has to provide an attendance fee of £150.

As a sponsor of our committee, you have an automatic invite to our inspire careers fair.

There will be a series of keynote speeches delivered by organisations during fair in line with the theme of inspiring the next generation of creatives in the world of work. There are currently limited slots available. If your organisation chooses to deliver a speech or hold a workshop with our audience a separate £100 charge will be in place.

Please contact us via email to make further inquiries, and negotiations. Once accepted an invoice will be sent from the Bristol SU. After the payment is confirmed your organisation will be added to the inspire programme.

We sincerely hope to see you at the fair!