NCS is a part-residential programme for teenagers focused around fun and discovery. It includes adrenaline fuelled outdoor activities, skills development and independent living workshops and young person led community projects. The programme takes place over 4 weeks during the summer holidays and during the autumn and spring half terms

As an NCS mentor you will be responsible for the welfare, support and motivation of young people taking part in the NCS programme. You will receive up to two days of training, resources and materials, and the help of experienced staff whilst on programme.

NCS mentoring is a great asset to have on your CV as it shows that you are capable of leading a team, communicating effectively and committing to helping young people develop their skills. All skills that will support you in your current career or help when looking for employment.

Tto register your interest for more information please sign up at:

When applying use code BAVSYU18FT for a recommendation by Vanessa to get fast-tracked!



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