About Us

Mission Statement

The University of Bristol African Caribbean Society prides itself on being more than just society, our aim is to provide the general well-being of the individuals involved. However, in our view, an association is formed for the pursuit of some particular purpose or purposes. A society is deliberately formed by the people who seek to achieve a united interest.

For ACS, our pursuit and interests pertain to the inclusion, development, and recognition of African and Caribbean Students. We seek to support students during their time at university by providing not only a safe space to celebrate culture but also embedding them and giving them a platform within otherwise isolating university structures.


The Vision

The University of Bristol African Caribbean Society is a home for building the success of the Afro-Caribbean community. We envision a time as when every individual of this heritage can see themselves in a position of influence to the world around them; becoming the change. We strive for equal opportunities and building the confidence to achieve in all. One day, every person we reach out to and welcome into our home will be able to thank their heritage and feel gratitude and admiration for their bloodline.

We also seek to create opportunities to help students network and grow as individuals and future professionals, empowering them with the confidence and skills required to have the confidence to take up spaces where they are often unrepresented, thrive in their chosen professions and pave the way for those to come.

The University of Bristol African and Caribbean Society is committed to the advancement and progression of Africans and Caribbeans.