ACS is the leading platform for educating individuals about the gold mine that is the African and Caribbean heritage. We strive to fill all individuals with respect and admiration for the culture


We are a family. Our society is not limited to the improvement of just our members but the greater global African and Caribbean community. We are committed to the success of all.


We are one. In our like minds and shared interests, we come together to support each other in a safe space. Every one of our members is unique, which makes the things we have in common that much more special.

Who We Are

The University of Bristol African and Caribbean Society (ACS) is a feepaying association with up to 300 members. The society is student-run by an executive committee and representative management formed of the LGBTQ+ and Multi-faith Officers among others.

The ACS prides itself in being more than just a society; we are a community of people united in our desire to foster an atmosphere that is reflective of the unity, creativity, and vibrance that is so distinctive of the Afro-Caribbean spirit.

We are committed to advancement in all aspects of university life; inclusive of career prospects, sport, music, and academia. We hope to facilitate the advancement of our members to ensure their time at university is a truly fulfilling and well-rounded experience





Inspire Careers Weekend is an initiative new to the ACS which will be launched in October 2019. It is a platform whose primary objective is to inform young BME students about the possibilities available to them in various career paths and the steps to take in the procurement of their dream career status.

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Contact us at acs.bristoluniversity@gmail.com to be part of this initiative.

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